Major Thrust Areas

Since this is the first time an International Conference is being held on Mobile Law, the conference is aiming to address various complicated ticklish legal issues impacting the mobile ecosystem. The conference would aim to generate discussions and debates on various complex legal, regulatory and policy challenges raised by different aspects of adoption, usage and implementation of applications and services in the mobile ecosystem. Some of the major thrust areas which are likely to be covered by the conference would include the following:

  • Mobile Law Introduction
  • Mobiles and M-Commerce
  • Mobiles and Privacy
  • Mobiles and Data Protection
  • Mobiles and Law Enforcement Perspectives including Interception, Monitoring.
  • Liability of Mobile Service Providers and the Mobile Ecosystem.
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Security
  • Social Media and Mobiles.
  • Mobile Governance.
  • Mobiles and Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Mobile and Cyber Security related Legal Issues
  • Internet Governance and the Mobile Ecosystem


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