Call for Papers

The First International Conference on Mobile Law (ICML) 2012

1-2 March, 2012

New Delhi, India

Organised by Cyberlaw Asia & Pavan Duggal Associates, Advocates, Supreme Court of India

The theme of the International Conference on Mobile Law 2012 is “Mobile Law and Legalities concerning Mobile Ecosystem”.

The Conference aims to look at various emerging issues pertaining to the mobile ecosystem and legal issues connected therewith

You are invited to participate in the First International Conference on Mobile Law, 2012.  The Conference is an opportunity for academics, practitioners and consultants to come together, exchange ideas, and discuss emerging issues in Mobile Law and the emerging Mobile Ecosystem. We invite academic contributions focusing on Legal, Security and Privacy Issues of Mobiles, including but not limited to :-

  • m-Commerce
  • Mobiles and privacy
  • Data Protection on Mobiles
  • Mobiles and law enforcement perspectives including interception, monitoring.
  • Liability of mobile service providers and the mobile ecosystem.
  • Mobile Banking
  • Social media and mobiles.
  • Mobile governance.
  • Mobiles and intellectual property rights.
  • Mobile and cyber security related legal issues
  • Any other relevant issue concerned therewith


The said international conference will be attended by various international delegates and speakers as also representatives from the national Diaspora representing the stakeholders in the digital ecosystem and alive web.

These would include representatives from the Central Government & State Governments, various Ministries, Law Enforcement Agencies, Police, Business, Information Technology, Corporate Sector, Academicians, Scholars, Service Providers, International Organizations and distinguished thought leaders.

The said event is likely to be extensively covered by media, print, electronic and online.


You are requested to kindly send any academic papers/ contributions/ presentations on any subject connected with the main theme of the Conference or any aforesaid subjects, on or before February 24, 2012.

Please send your papers/ contributions/ presentations on



All accepted completed papers will be published by the Conference Secretariat. Some of the selected papers may also be included in the Conference kits which will be given to the Conference Attendees.

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