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Welcome to the 1st International Conference on Mobile Law. This conference is being held in New Delhi, India from 1-2 March, 2012.

It is indeed remarkable as to how our lives have changed dramatically in the last one and a half decades. One of the most important catalysts of change in the last one and a half decade has been adoption and increased usage of mobile phones and cellular devices. Mobile phones have not only provided immense convenience of mobility but have also seen a progressive development in terms of their evolution. With the passage of time, mobiles have no longer remained purely as instruments of talking. Today, smart phones are representing a new paradigm shift in our lives. The said smart phones deal with amazing computing powers and applications.

The adoption of mobiles and communication devices in the last one and a half decade has started resulted in various complicated legal policy and regulatory issues. So much significant have the said challenges become that a new branch of legal jurisprudence is evolving known as “Mobile Law”. Mobile Law represents the yet to be traversed frontier of jurisprudence. Since this is an emerging area of jurisprudence, lot of work will still have to be done. To identify the landscape of what legal, regulatory and policy challenges are being raised across the world by the use of mobile phones, cellular phones and communication devices, the First International Conference on Mobile Law is being organized. This Conference is a first of its kind and would aim to discuss, discover and analyze various emerging legal policy and regulatory challenges that have been thrown up by the constant innovative use of smart phones, mobile phones and other kinds of communication devices.

Be a part of the cutting-edge action by listening to international speakers and the acknowledged thought leaders in the mobile ecosystem by attending the First International Conference on Mobile Law.

This conference hopes to bring together on one platform speakers from diverse backgrounds and hopes to present a body of knowledge and experience to the attendees of the conference which is hitherto not yet been assembled at one stage.

Come and join our continuing journey to discover the various legal and policy challenges being constantly thrown up by the increasing adoption and usage of mobile phones, cell phones and communication devices across the world.

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